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We Provide a wide spectrum of Valuable Resources for the FoodService Operator.  You can find pertinent information and resources for Government Rules & Regulations, Commercial Services, Restaurant Equipment, Web Development, Educational Research, Health & Safety, Financial Services, Service Agents, Demographic Information, Restaurant Operation, and Trade Associations.

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Opening a Restaurant

New college degree in foodservice operations available


Business Licenses
Whether you’re a sole proprietorship or incorporated business, learn which business licenses & permits you need.

National Restaurant Association

Fats, Oils, & Grease Control

The "New" Fats, Oils and Grease Tool Kit was developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to provide restaurants with a general understanding of the F.O.G. blockage problem, new F.O.G. control regulations, logical F.O.G. control practices, and guidance for evaluating F.O.G. control requirements.

Download the Program Toolkit FOG ToolKit.pdf

The CHR and SAS Webcast Series

With webcasts scheduled monthly from October 2009 - May 2010, the CHR and SAS webcast series combines the perspectives of business and academe to address key industry issues. Each webcast will be presented by a Cornell faculty member together with an expert from the industry.

Webcast Archives

Loyalty, Rewards and Value: What Do We Want from Our Customers?
Right People, Right Jobs, Right Time: The Art and Science of Labor Planning
Where's My Data? Tips and Tricks for Designing a Strong Data Quality and Data Integration Strategy

New college degree in foodservice operations available

NAFEM North American FoodService Equipment Manufacturers

Smallwares Requirements for Various Food Service Establishments

Buffet 200 Seat
Cafeteria 200 Seat
Deli 75 Seat
Fast Food Restaurant
Fine Dining Restaurant 60-80 Seat
Pizza Restaurant 75 Seat

Restaurant 100 Seat

Demographic Map Links

2000 Traffic Analysis Zones

Small Business Tools & Templates Page

Spreadsheet & Document Templates for: Business Plans, Start-up Expenses, Profit & Loss Projections, Bank Loan Requests, Personal Financial Statements, Estimated Start-up Capital, etc. Plus Links to Hundreds of other Document Templates from Office Depot .

Water Conservation Checklist

The North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance

Mission: To protect the environment and conserve natural resources by providing technical assistance on the elimination, reduction, reuse and recycling of wastes and pollutants.

The Restaurant Manager's Handbook

The Restaurant Managers Handbook: How to Set Up, Operate, and Manage a Financially Successful Food Service Operation: Douglas Robert Brown

Determining Total Cost of Ownership
Many factors go into figuring out the total cost of owning foodservice equipment over its life cycle.
By Lisa White, Contributing Editor -- Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, 2/1/2006

Worksheets and Costs Associated with Startup.

FoodService Equipment and Supply Requirements

Assorted Articles About Starting, Owning, & Operating Food Service Operations

Small Business Development Centers Network

Mega Tips: Scientifically Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips (835.8 kb) PDF File
Developed by Professor Michael Lynn

This booklet for servers provides instruction in the psychology of tipping as well as specific techniques that can be used to earn larger tips. All the suggested techniques have been scientifically tested and the evidence of their effectiveness is described along with the techniques. Using even a few of these techniques should increase servers' tips by 10 to 30%.
Managers are free to download the file, print out the manual, make hard copies of it, and either post it on employee bulletin boards or distribute copies directly to their servers.

Managers who distribute the manual to their servers should benefit from:

* Increased sales
* Greater Customer Satisfaction
* Lower labor costs due to reduced server turnover

Intro to Franchising

Recently updated publication that includes the latest information about franchising, and includes descriptions of the different kinds of franchises, the legal aspects to consider, details about the Franchise Disclosure Document, how to begin a search for the right franchise, cost considerations, and a guide to determine if franchising is right for you.


One of the keys to a successful restaurant business is strong financial management. This book equips readers with the tools needed to manage the finances of foodservice establishments effectively. Written by expert authors with extensive experience in the field, this accessible resource is filled with valuable information that can be applied to day-to-day operations. It offers concise, down-to-earth coverage of basic accounting topics-including pricing, budgeting, cost control, and cash flow-as well as more specialized information, such as how to establish menu prices.

List Price: $30.00
Your Price: $19.80 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $10.20 (34%)


The Center For Hospitality Research
Linking Cutting Edge Research With The Needs of The Hospitality Industry


Cornell University-Research, Links & Articles

Center for Hospitality Research Username-Password Setup Link

(This is FREE Industry Research!!...Sign up Now for valuable case studies, and other Tools for the Industry)


Projects of Research Center Fellows, 2007-2008

Restaurant Table-Mix Optimizer by: Gary Thompson, Ph.D.

Cornell Study says Restaurant Managers can Improve Revenue by Managing the Waiting List

   By: Bill Summers and Joe Strodel, Jr.

Restaurant Revenue Management By: Sheryl E. Kimes Ph.D.

Workforce Scheduling- A Guide for the Hospitality Industry by: Gary Thompson, Ph.D.

Dedicated or Combinable- A Simulation to Determine by: Gary Thompson, Ph.D.

   Optimal Restaurant Table Configuration by: Gary Thompson, Ph.D.

Increasing Servers' Tips By: Michael Lynn Ph.D.

Restaurant Revenue Management By: Sheryl E. Kimes Ph.D.

Perceived Fairness of Restaurant Waitlist-management Policies By: Sheryl E. Kimes Ph.D.

Critical Incidents: Service Failures That Matter Most
Beth Chung and K. Douglass Hoffman

Pre-Opening Checklist- FREE!!

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process. 

(Available In Pdf Format.)

Smallwares Requirements - FREE!!

A complete list of supplies needed to open a 100 seat restaurant.  If your restaurant has 75 seats, multiply the quantity listed by .75.  If your restaurant has 175 seats, multiply quantity listed by 1.75. (Available In Pdf and Excel Formats.) - Great resource for aspiring students to find all the information they need about getting a degree in Restaurant Management.

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Startup and Growth Magazine
Good Restaurateurs Are Always Learning

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