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apex environmental services

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Rules and Regulations On-site Sewage Management Systems Chapter 290-5-26

Georgia Department of Human Resources
Division of Public Health
Environmental Health and Injury Control Branch
Environmental Services

Grease Trap 101- A Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is intended to provide food service establishments with basic information about grease traps: what types there are; what are common misconceptions about their use; how they are cleaned and maintained; and who regulates their use.

National Restaurant Association

Fats, Oils, & Grease Control

The "New" Fats, Oils and Grease Tool Kit was developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) to provide restaurants with a general understanding of the F.O.G. blockage problem, new F.O.G. control regulations, logical F.O.G. control practices, and guidance for evaluating F.O.G. control requirements.

Download the Program Toolkit FOG ToolKit.pdf


XII. 290-5-26-.12 Grease Traps

(1) "Grease Traps Required" - Grease traps shall be required for commercial or industrial establishments with on-site sewage management systems where it is determined by the County Board of Health that the amount of grease introduced into the system is in excess of 50 mg/l.

(2) "Grease Trap Design" - Plans and specifications for grease traps shall be submitted to the County Board of Health for approval. The County Board of Health shall review the grease trap design in accordance with minimum design and construction criteria established by the Department's current Manual for On-site Sewage Management Systems. Effluent from grease traps shall be disposed of in a septic tank and not directly discharged to the absorption field. Grease traps shall be located, installed and constructed so that the temperature of the sewage will be reduced to permit congealing or separation of grease, and easy access for cleaning is provided.

How to Avoid a Grease Emergency

● Do not pour your grease, gravy or meat broth down the sink, floor drains or toilets.
● Do not follow greasy waste with warm water, detergent or other chemicals --- this will "melt" the grease, allowing it to coat pipes.
● Don't throw fruit pulp, vegetable trimmings, poultry skins and other stringy, fibrous material into the disposal. Your machine can't grind these items adequately. These items belong in the TRASH.
● Turn on the cold water at least 15 seconds before you turn on the disposal, and keep it running briefly afterward.


Fats, Oil & Grease Initiative

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) waste generated by the food service component of the hospitality industry creates a huge burden on waste water infrastructure and water treatment facilities throughout the state. To address this issue, P2AD has prepared a series of fact sheets and a poster for food service establishments. These materials are available here as downloads, or printed copies upon request (404-651-5120 or

In 2004, a new Georgia law was enacted that regulates the grease hauling and processing industry.  The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has created rules relating to this law, and is currently accepting applications from haulers to become registered to haul grease in the state.  Visit to register or find links to the original bill, EPD rules and regulations and a list of registered haulers/pumpers.

Best Management Practices for Fats, Oils, and Grease (PDF, 105KB)

Food Service Waste Reduction (PDF, 121KB)

Restaurant Oil and Grease Rendering (PDF, 120KB)

Oil & Grease Definitions (PDF, 59KB)

Managing Food Materials (PDF, 121KB)

Grease Trap 101 (PDF, 184KB)

Grease Goblin Poster (English) (PDF, 73KB)

Grease Goblin Poster (Spanish) (PDF, 72KB)

Grease Goblin Poster (Chinese) (PDF, 158KB)

Grease Goblin Poster (Korean) (PDF, 142KB)

If you are a food service or lodging provider, implementing pollution prevention in your operations can help you:

  • Reduce the environmental impacts of your operations, thereby reducing your regulatory requirements and paperwork headaches.
  • Save money!! Waste is created out of inefficiency, and inefficiency is expensive!
  • Create a "green" image and a competitive edge. There is growing demand for ecotourism and environmental responsibility, and industry surveys have found consistently that your environmental efforts, if made visible, will be noticed and appreciated by your customers and will not be perceived as being cheap or reducing services. They will thank you for your efforts and tell their friends about the unique experience they had with your establishment! What better marketing can you get?

Keep the Grease Goblin out of your drains and in the hands of the proper authorities!

State of Georgia FoodService Rules & Regulations 290-5-14

Vital Products &  Services for the Restaurant Operator

Food Service Equipment and Supply Authorized Dealers. Point of Sale Systems, Time Clocks, Advertising, Staffing Services, HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Cleaning Services, Waste Disposal, Phone Systems, Grease Trap Services.

Pre-Opening Checklist- FREE!!!

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process. 

Available in PDF Format.

Start-up Tools & Templates - Start-up Business Plan Template, sample P&L, Cash Flow Analysis, Break Even Analysis spreadsheet and more.

Smallwares Requirements - FREE!!

A complete list of supplies needed to open a 100 seat restaurant.  If your restaurant has 75 seats, multiply the quantity listed by .75.  If your restaurant has 175 seats, multiply quantity listed by 1.75. (Available In Pdf and Excel Formats.)


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Pre-Opening Checklist

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process.  Available in PDF Format.

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